Democrats Say The Filibuster is 'White Supremacy'

Remember when unions at least pretended to represent workers instead of putting out statements clearly written by social justice interns?

The AFL-CIO joined the effort to kill what little checks and balances remain in the legislative system with its executive board demanding an end to the filibuster on the grounds that, "the filibuster. An artifact of Jim Crow. A creature of white supremacy."

What does Jim Crow have to do with white supremacy? Who knows. This sort of stuff is written by people who get their history from Bridgerton and the 1619 Project.

The Creature of White Supremacy? I didn't think it was a great movie. Abbott and Costello Meet the Creature of White Supremacy was better. (We interrupt this post to inform you that Abbott and Costello have been canceled for centering whiteness.)

But if anyone knows about white supremacy, it's the AFL-CIO executive board. We're talking Gabrielle Carteris, the head of SAG, Randi Weingarten, the head of AFT, and Mark Dimondstein, the head of the postal workers' union, all of it under President Richard Trumka.

"Under no circumstances can we allow the filibuster — a procedure rooted in generations of disenfranchisement of citizens of color — to stand in the way of the U.S. government protecting the right of all American citizens to vote in the 21st century," the AFL-CIO declares.

Obviously. That's why South Korea has the filibuster.

South Korean opposition lawmakers have set what appears to be a new world record for a combined filibuster after speaking for 192 hours.

Nearly nine days of non-stop speeches included rambling monologues and long chunks of George Orwell's novel 1984.

Some of the MPs wore trainers to help them stay on their feet for hours.

Maybe Trumka can take up his newfound battle against white supremacy with South Korea.

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