Biden's Military Occupation of D.C. Becomes Permanent

Of course, it's not just May even though the media is reporting an extension of the Biden military occupation through May.

Biden's National Security Council is prepping to extend its occupation through the fall.

An internal e-mail obtained by FOX 5 reveals members of the National Guard might still be in D.C. through the Fall of 2021.

The National Security Council is asking the Department of Defense to engage Capitol Police on planning for post-March 12th support, according to the e-mail.

Pelosi's Capitol Task Force wants a permanent military occupation.

The first would be to establish a QRF from existing federal law enforcement entities with appropriate legal authorities and appropriations to staff, train and equip such a force. The second would be to build a QRF under the command of the D.C. National Guard. This could be done by mobilizing military police from Guard elements across the U.S. on rotations of three to six months. Another option would be to create a QRF that permanently resides within the D.C. Guard by reestablishing a military police battalion and staffing it with Active Guard Reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty.

Perpetually. That's quite a timetable. But for now they're officially only extending the Biden occupation of our nation's capital through May.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved keeping nearly 2,300 National Guardsmen at the U.S. Capitol through May 23, the Pentagon said Tuesday evening.

Okay, but what's the actual basis for the May date?

Remember, the original deployment was supposed to protect against some sort of attack or riot during Biden's inaguration. Nothing like that happened.

But it was extended anyway because something was supposed to happen during impeachment. Nothing did. And then there was supposed to be an attack on March 4th.

The security concerns were in part related to the QAnon conspiracy theory’s mistaken belief that Trump would be reinaugurated on March 4, the original date of presidential inaugurations until 1933, when the 20th Amendment moved it to Jan. 20.

March 4 came and went without incident. But that same day, Capitol Police asked the Pentagon to extend the National Guard deployment for another two months.

But the Biden military occupation isn't showing any signs of wrapping up.

A brief statement from Capitol Police last week confirming it requested the Guard’s deployment be extended did not detail what specific threats warranted a continued U.S. military presence at the Capitol.

Why bother even making up stuff anymore.

The media echo chamber was initially claiming that there would be a terror threat during Biden's State of the Union address, but since that hasn't happened either (and by 'that', I mean the State of the Union address itself, not the terror threat), they're not even going to bother with an excuse.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is all but admitting that this is a permanent military occupation of Washington D.C.

Asked Tuesday whether the National Guard’s mission will become an enduring one, Kirby told reporters that "I don't think anybody can answer that question right now."

So that's a 'yes' then.

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