Urban Dictionary Goes Woke, Will Only Post BLM Approved Words

Well, folks, there goes another interesting part of the web, destroyed by leftist, woke, terrorists.

The Urban Dictionary has now promised to purify itself by deleting every entry that does not satisfy the terrorist outfit we call Black Lives Matter.

If you don't know what the Urban Dictionary is, it is a website that used to chronicle all the slang and off-color sayings that people came up with that have become part of language in certain sectors of our society.

There are definitions of words blacks use amongst each other, words bikers use, words teens use, words — well, there are all sorts of odd little idioms and slang terms.

That was the whole point of the Urban Dictionary. It is supposed to chronicle and list all the crazy little phrases people use.

But now it is self-neutering.

Everything the BLM terrorists don't like is to be termed "hate speech," and the site will delete it.

So, now the Urban Dictionary is a joke that has undermined its entire purpose just to satisfy the woke cancel culture.


"Like other online platforms we've been inundated by hate speech and abusive content targeting women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other vulnerable groups. Hate speech and abusive content online can cause real harm offline. It can also make people feel unsafe to speak up and share their language, silencing entire groups of people. This is not what we want our platform to be for," the site's founder, Aaron Peckham, said in a new post.

From this point forward, Urban Dictionary will only post the words that are BLM approved.

That means its hate whitey section will balloon, huh?

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