Six States are Seeking to Secede

Conservatives areas of states including Virginia, Illinois, Oregon and others are joining a growing movement to secede from their liberal-controlled states.

Invariably, those seeking secession are rural areas of blue states. In nearly all cases, rural areas of the U.S. lean conservative and Republican while the tax-hungry, socialistic big cities lean liberal. But often Democrats in those big cities control the largest block of votes in such states.

Illinois is a perfect example of that. If it were not for the Chicago area, and the areas across the river from St. Louis, Missouri, Illinois would be almost as red as any GOP-controlled state. But those to urban areas also have nearly as many voters as the rest of the state. So, how liberal Chicago goes, so, too, goes Illinois.

Oregon has a similar problem. The state's politics are controlled by big cities like Portland and Eugene and their far-left ideas bulldoze over any opposition in the rest of the state.

As the Washington Times recently reported:

"Oregon is controlled by the northwest portion of the state, Portland to Eugene. That's urban land, and their decisions are not really representing rural Oregon," said Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon's Border for a Greater Idaho. "They have their agenda and they're moving forward with it, and they're not listening to us."

In Virginia, the newly elected Democratic majority's progressive legislation on issues such as gun rights has spurred "Vexit," or "Virginia exit," a campaign to merge right-tilting rural counties into neighboring West Virginia that organizers say has the potential to catch fire nationwide.

"To be honest, if this works — you've got a lot of red areas in this country that are totally dominated by a blue metropolis," said Vexit2020 leader Rick Boyer, a former member of the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. "If it works in Virginia, there's no reason it can't reshape the political map."

Another supporter of excising the liberal section of his state is Illinois State Rep. Brad Holbrook. He recently floated a bill to separate Chicago from the rest of the state.

"Sen. Everett Dirksen said that with Reynolds v. Sims, the major metropolitan areas, the large population centers, are going to control the rest of the state, and that's what's happened with Illinois, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, New York," Holbrook said.

It has become entirely clear that liberals do not care to work with anyone who disagrees with them, even a little. Liberals only want to destroy opposition, not compromise with it. These secession movements are springing up more and more as conservative areas finally get sick and tired of hoping that Democrats still have any spark of Americanism left in them.

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